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In the Line of Duty
William N. Tolley, Brooklyn, NY
Michael "Bubba" Eric Pennell, Taylorsville, NC
James "Jim" Joseph Benken, Wyoming, OH
Charles "Rick" Gentilcore, Gaithersburg, MD
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William N. Tolley, Brooklyn, NY
Name: William N. Tolley Rank: Firefighter Age: 42 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 14 Date of Incident: 04/20/2017 Time of Incident: 1420hrs Date of Death: 04/20/2017 Fire Department: Fire Department New York City Address: 9 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Fire Department Chief: James E. Leonard Incident Description: At 1420hrs, Firefighter William N. Tolley and members of Ladder 135, along with additional fire units, responded to a fire in a second floo....more
Michael "Bubba" Eric Pennell, Taylorsville, NC
Name: Michael "Bubba" Eric Pennell Rank: Captain Age: 49 Gender: Male Status: Part-Time (Paid) Years of Service: 31 Date of Incident: 04/17/2017 Time of Incident: 1345hrs Date of Death: 04/17/2017 Fire Department: Central Alexander Fire Department Address: 173 Emergency Street, Taylorsville, NC 28681-2676 Fire Department Chief: Matthew Jordan Incident Description: While on-duty at the Central Alexander Fire Department, Captain Michael Pennell suffered a medical emergency ....more
James "Jim" Joseph Benken, Wyoming, OH
Name: James "Jim" Joseph Benken Rank: District Chief/Medic Age: 65 Gender: Male Status: Part-Time (Paid) Years of Service: 50 Date of Incident: 04/13/2017 Time of Incident: 1519hrs Date of Death: 04/14/2017 Fire Department: City of Wyoming Fire and EMS Address: 600 Grove Avenue, Wyoming, OH 45215 Fire Department Chief: Steve Owens Incident Description: District Chief/Medic James "Jim" Benken completed a 24-hour shift at 0600hrs on 04/14/2017 which included one emergency ....more
Charles "Rick" Gentilcore, Gaithersburg, MD
Name: Charles "Rick" Gentilcore Rank: Firefighter III Age: 52 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 23 Date of Incident: 04/07/2017 Time of Incident: 1530hrs Date of Death: 04/07/2017 Fire Department: Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services - Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Address: 100 Edison Park Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Fire Department Chief: Scott Goldstein Incident Description: While on duty at Burtonsville Fire Station 15, Firefighter Gentilcore s....more
James H. Yiengst,Myerstown, PA
Name: James H. Yiengst Rank: Firefighter Age: 72 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 55 Date of Incident: 03/30/2017 Time of Incident: 1714hrs Date of Death: 04/01/2017 Fire Department: Keystone Hook and Ladder Co #1 Address: 25 S Railroad ST, Myerstown, PA 17067-1342 Fire Department Chief: Jason “Jake” Belleman Incident Description: Firefighter Yiengst responded with his fire department to a motor vehicle accident (MVA) on the evening of March 31, 2017. The....more
Anthony Spano, Chicopee, MA
Name: Anthony Spano Rank: Firefighter Age: 47 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 14 Date of Incident: 03/29/2017 Time of Incident: 0948hrs Date of Death: 03/30/2017 Fire Department: Chicopee Fire Department Address: 80 Church Street, Chicopee, MA 01020 Fire Department Chief: Dean Desmarais Incident Description: Firefighter Spano worked his shift which included one or more emergency response calls, including a “lift assist” call where he complained of back pain.....more
Christopher Lane Foster, Demopolis, AL
Name: Christopher Lane Foster Rank: Lieutenant Age: 54 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 23 Date of Incident: 03/22/2017 Time of Incident: 0718hrs Date of Death: 03/23/2017 Fire Department: Demopolis Fire Department Address: 306 Highway 80 West POB 580, Demopolis, AL 36732 Fire Department Chief: Vernon Waters Incident Description: Lieutenant Christopher Lane Foster responded to a MVA with injuries at 0718hrs on March 22, 2017. After his shift, Foster returned to ....more
Yadira Arroyo, New York City, NY
Name: Yadira Arroyo Rank: EMT Age: 44 Gender: Female Years of Service: 14 Date of Incident: 03/16/2017 Time of Incident: 1910hrs Date of Death: 03/16/2017 Fire Department: FDNY EMS Station House 26 Address: 1264 Boston Rd., Bronx, New York 10456 Incident Description: FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo, 44, was assigned to Station 26 in the Bronx and bravely served the Department for 14 years. EMT Arroyo was critically injured while responding to a medical call in the Bronx when an individual....more
Joseph Toscano, Watertown, MA
Name: Joseph Toscano Rank: Firefighter Age: 54 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 20 Date of Incident: 03/17/2017 Time of Incident: 10:15hrs Date of Death: 03/17/2017 Fire Department: Watertown Fire Department Address: 99 Main Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 02472 Fire Department Chief: Mario A. Orangio Incident Description: Firefighter Joseph Toscano collapsed while battling to a two-alarm house fire. Toscano was taken to Mt. Auburn Hospital where he passed away fr....more
Steven Paul Buser, Ames, IA
Name: Steven Paul Buser Rank: Firefighter Age: 51 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 18 Date of Incident: 03/17/2017 Time of Incident: 09:00hrs Date of Death: 03/17/2017 Fire Department: Ames Fire Department Address: 1300 Burnett Avenue, Ames, Iowa 50010 Fire Department Chief: Shawn Bayouth Incident Description: Firefighter Steven Buser finished working his shift at 0700hrs on 03/17/2017, during which he responded to an emergency call at 1900hrs on 03/16/2017. After ....more
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